get close to fear to feel safe


My father always told me to “get close to
 fear to feel safe".

One night, everyone told you that you were moving towards death
Towards your destiny,
and now you cant sleep. You enter into a black hole of insomnia hardly able to close your eyes wondering if it's time to go.

Breathing hard, you wear your helmet and heavy armor, carry your weapon in your hands. The vehicle carries you away.

Towards the danger; slowly increasing the distance into that dark place.

You reach the point of arrival, standing with a group of soldiers and start thinking about the moment it will be given orders to proceed.

You wait.

The seconds tick by seemingly at light speed but to those involved, the time lags by as if stuck in a thick clay

You remain, standing on the street corner,
with your soldiers all around you taking in every detail.
You take a quick look and realize that you are staring at death; you are just meters away.

Are you ready guys?

Everyone raises their hands acknowledging they are ready.

You start to sprint as the rest of your soldiers follow behind you.

You continue, one step after another, with the intensity increasing in concert with your progress forward. Suddenly, reality strikes you and you recognize that this thing you have just done is the most satisfying thing in your life.

Zero percent fear.

As soon as the enemy starts shooting at you, nothing matters anymore.

your soliders return fire towards the enemy , and our weapons clash with theirs in a language that we humans rarely understand.

It makes me wonder why I was worried yesterday in bed and scared

Why were you worried all this time?

Why were you scared on the way here?

You are on the other side of horror.

You are in the midst of terror.

 by Abdulazeez alamer  
edited by Andrew Mott


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nice one.